Gain insights by analyzing supply chain operations and performance

In AIOinsights, more than 100 pre-defined analyses cover all functional areas of the supply chain to create end-to-end supply chain transparency. It helps to analyze the current situation and to identify the improvement areas. With AIOinsights, you can deep dive into your data and do root cause analyses to determine where you have the biggest potential to close your supply chain performance gap.
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End-to-end transparency of your supply chain is the first step towards better performance. It is vital to understand the current situation and identify improvement potential. A problem’s root cause is often in a different process, function, location, or organizational level. AIOinsights’ analytics framework helps you to a results-based outcome – improving the KPIs that matter. AIOinsights offers you a deep dive into supply chain improvement areas and automated generation of findings making issues explicit, helping you understand the physics of your supply chain.


Analysis of demand patterns of finished goods, semi-finished goods, components.
Forecast quality and bias analysis.
Transparency of inventory coverages, developments, and structure.
Overview over network structure and customer base.
Master data analyses for classification.
Product Availability
Analysis of service levels, availability, stockouts and commercial risks.

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