Master data excellence & PLM

The digitalization of the product lifecycle management from idea until end of life is one of the key drivers to close the performance gap. Typical root causes like product portfolio complexity, speed of innovation, internal complexity, the complexity of supply network, or sustainability requirements are impacted by the product lifecycle management (PLM) and its level of digitalization.
Product data as the foundation
Product Data is the foundation of lifecycle management and one of the key challenges in our data-driven world, majorly...Show more impacting your business performance. As an excellent enterprise you must be able to manage your product data over the whole product lifecycle efficiently and effectively to get transparency and as a basis for all other lifecycle processes like product release, configuration, change management, and operation and service activities. PLM covers master data management (MDM) and all other data like documents, code, links, etc., which describes a product from the first idea until the end of life. The goal is to have a (virtual) single source where all product-related data is stored and used. Duplication of data must be avoided at all costs.
Prevent inaccurate data
Integrated master data management is the way to create sustainable benefits, covering strategic direction, processes,...Show more and governance, a comprehensive data model, technology, and performance management. Only with smart and structured master data management, data reveals its full potential across your entire business. This will prevent large businesses using data in different systems and lack master data management from leading to incorrect, fragmented or duplicated data.
Transparent and highly digitalized
In times of uncertain supply chains and upcoming supply chain acts, it is essential for a manufacturing company...Show more to know its product and its product life cycle precisely and to be transparent about the challenges along the life cycle. Then one can respond to the challenge with appropriately fitting measures. Nowadays, this is only possible efficiently and effectively if the product lifecycle management has a high digitalization grade.

Does it sound familiar?


Our master data is unstructured on local platforms, and we do not have a single source of truth.


Our data is captured in various IT systems with several manual interfaces, leading to errors.


Our BOM structure is so complex that we are not able to manage and conduct BOM changes efficient.


When our top management asks what kind of influence Master Data Excellence has on our business figures, we cannot to prove it.


Our release process lasts so long due to long-lasting manual singing cycles



Master Data
Up to 40% long-term master data quality increase
Significant reduction of the time to market
Increased efficiency due to better master data quality.
Improved transparency and decision-making due to reliable master data.
Higher automation level based on correct master data.
Shorter and easier product changes

How does it work?


In our perspective, product data and lifecycle management is a strategic asset at a company. This includes the definition of vision and a clear roadmap, the implementation of a sustainable but efficient product data and lifecycle management organization, efficient processes, and the definition of supporting IT strategies and architectures.

AIOinsights supports the analysis of the large number of data which is created along the product lifecycle. With specific PLM KPI calculated and visualized in AIOinsights, you are able to focus on the areas with the highest improvement potential or with the highest impact on your overall KPI.

AIOintelligence provides state-of-the-art AI/ML algorithms to detail analysis or to automate process steps like classification, linking information or information extraction from documents, drawings, etc.

AIOimpact enables the monitoring and tracking of all measures to meet the identified improvement potential. With specific defined tracking objects (DOTs: digital object twins), you can follow the execution of the measures and to understand the effect of the measures and actions, e.g. all master data that must be maintained. The corresponding actions are tracked so you know the current status of the master data maintenance measure and the effect of different actions.

Our AIO platform connects to all common data platforms used in PLM for seamless data exchange, so you are able to create an integrated digital process for managing product data and lifecycle.

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