Product availability & allocation

Product availability & allocation is one of the most important aspects of a supply chain. Almost all businesses rely on smart allocation, including inventory management, sales, order fulfillment, and customer service. That’s why it’s essential to get it right.
Respond to supply shortages
Recent events have proved to industries that supply chains are immensely fragile. Disruptions that affect global production...Show more and curtail supply bases may be out of our hands, but we can control how to immediately respond to the shocks and minimize the damages it brings to our supply chain.
Avoid stockouts
Stockouts arise from various reasons like production or raw material shortages, forecasting issues, logistical bottlenecks,...Show more or quality issues. This results in lost sales which can negatively affect customer satisfaction in the long run. Identifying the root cause is the first step to proactive prevention of these issues.
Improve product allocation
In a world where production and supply-constrained supply chains are becoming the norm, suppliers need to figure out...Show more how to keep up with the customers' evolving demands. Producers must think about what products to produce, which customer's demand to fulfill, and what sales channel is best. Data-driven decision-making that relies on the right information presented in the right manner and providing insights ensures that the optimal choices are made.

Does it sound familiar?


Supply chain disruptions result in supply shortages.


The root causes for stockouts are unclear.


I don’t know how to allocate my products.


I am not agile enough to respond to supply chain disruptions in time.


I don’t know how to prioritize my customers.



Up to 30% improvement of service levels
Increased customer satisfaction and retention
Immediate response to disruptive events
Avoiding production stops due to missing components
Up to 10% reduction of lost sales

How does it work?


With AIOinsights, we create the required transparency to reveal the reasons for product unavailability and product allocation issues. AIOinsights provides ad-hoc analyses based on tailored dashboards to quickly unlock the root cause of availability or allocation issues for all impacted products and their outreach on the supply chain.

With AIOintelligence, we evaluate allocation scenarios based on existing product availability using state-of-the-art AI/ML algorithms to support quick decision-making. This allows you to react more agile and proactively to supply chain disruptions. In addition, we are able to forecast future availability constraints to provide an early warning system designed for taking immediate action.

With AIOimpact, we initiate, execute, and monitor measures to improve product availability and optimize product allocation. AIOimpact will serve you to answer inquiries from the various functions efficiently and to support fact-based decisions for planning and allocation of quantities.

We help you identify supply constraints and their impact on the supply chain using our managed consulting services. We jointly develop strategic allocation principles to address potential availability issues and help you increase transparency to implement effective measures.

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