Production & Logistics

Production & Logistics is a continuous performance improvement process ensuring work is up to the highest standards achieving high operational efficiency (OEE).  Focusing on performance-relevant KPI and capability building in your existing team right at the production line ensures sustainable implementation. Operator and middle management follow daily routines and Standard Working Processes (SWP) based on autonomous and preventive maintenance, refined in numerous implementations.
Roadmap to process excellence
We provide an interconnected road map considering your individual maturity levels, guiding operations through...Show more work packages achieving process excellence. Together we define the target KPI and translate it into operational action. Our Accelerator program is designed to realize results within 20 weeks, together with your operators right at the line. We act as trainers and coaches to ensure the capability remains in your organization after an initial pilot implementation.
Rapid results
In urgent cases like organizational issues, lack of quality, or product availability, we can support your organization...Show more from root cause analysis until the implementation of certain actions. During the project, we track the completion of actions for each individual until work is completed.
From good to great
Evolving customer requirements, 24/7 product availability, or increasing regulations force organizations to transform...Show more regularly. New technologies give us the chance allow us to keep up with these challenges, but digitization and automation do impact your organization, existing technology, people, and processes. We support your organization to secure the transformation from strategy down to operations.

Does it sound familiar?


Our KPI calculation might differ from site to site.


How do disruptive technologies such as IoT or Smart Factory fit in my current process, and what is the return of technology?


Although we invest quite some effort in Operational Excellence, the OEE is stuck at around 45%.


Decisions are taken based on experience, not on data.


My operational top performer will retire early. The knowledge drain will be tremendous.


Workforce teams are not sharing knowledge and are not connected to central improvements.



Decrease number of stops by 30%
Reduce Scrap up to 60%
Increase of efficiency by up to 15% within 14 weeks
Up to 70% increase in mean time between failure
Typical annualized savings over US$1MM per plant
Increase motivation on leadership and operator level through ownership

How does it work?


With AIOinsights, we gain insights on the current situation. Beside the traditional lagging indicators like OEE, unplanned- and planned downtime, # of Stops, # of Breakdowns or production attainment, we focus on leading indicators. Leading indicators can influence the results on a daily base such as, Centerlines OOL, # of defects found/fix, Clean Inspect and Lubricate completion.

AIOintelligence is the home of algorithms and supports your people to understand the data correctly. Through a data explorative we can examine a problem from different perspectives. Throughout thresholds for each KPI we can highlight abnormal patterns like high MTBF for certain SKU or out of range for sensor measures like temperature. Delta checks discover process completion and compliance and trigger alerts to dedicated target groups. Beside that we can showcase the impact on your production plan considering the actual performance to predict order finalization.

In AIOimpact, our action tracker is the core of the production & logistics solution, giving you governance of activities in your organization. This might be a one-time project, like the rollout of a production system or introducing a new SKW, or daily operations, for instance increasing OEE, Service level, or even employee morale. Importantly all activities are connected with a DOT (Digital Object Twin) like a production line, SKU or a specific area you’d like to focus on.  

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