Sales and operations planning

Sales & Operations Planning is a powerful business planning process integrating sales and marketing planning on volume and value with operational planning. More mature organizations practice a fully holistic planning approach, including product development, controlling, and finance in the process.
Better availability
A single, tactical operating plan for the next 18 to 24 months balances your demand and supply for better product...Show more availability and provides the required transparency for data-driven decision-making.
Optimize cost and return
Led by a central team, S&OP optimally supports supply chain reliability and optimizes supply chain costs and assets...Show more return. The increased transparency additionally allows for more flexibility as well as faster response times.
Mature your S&OP
Maturity is crucial to address the uncertainty, complexity, and risk from today’s global and digital supply chains. We support...Show more you to take the next step and get the best out of your Sales & Operations Planning process.

Does it sound familiar?


I cannot track the improvement of S&OP KPIs transparently.


Tracking of recurring activities in the S&OP cadence is non-transparent, responsibilities and deadlines are unclear.


I miss an overall approach to tackle identified performance gaps and a process to manage & prioritize initiatives.


I have a working S&OP process, but I do not see the promised benefits.


I have no transparency on Sales & Operations Planning results, complicating the alignment process during review meetings.



Up to 15% sales increase
Up to 10% decrease of Supply Chain Costs​
Up to 30% inventory reduction
Up to 50% on-time delivery improvement
Up to 15% improvement on fixed capital on the long-term​
Up to 12% reduced stock-outs​

How does it work?


The AIOplatform digitally supports your Sales & Operations Planning process execution, ensuring that you get the best out of your operation with measurable results. At the same time, it reduces the overall effort to execute the process and enables real-time progress tracking. You can instantly derive sustainable improvement initiatives from findings from the regular review meetings – all in one platform.

You don’t have a Sales & Operations Planning process set up yet?

Our management consulting team helps you to set up a tailored approach by defining the recurring process cadence, required organization, roles & responsibilities, including the right incentives and objectives and standard meeting agendas. We also support you with individual coaching during the first Sales & Operating Planning cycles.

How can we support you?

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