Supply chain analytics and control tower

How do you translate your supply chain data into real business value? Our AIOplatform provides you with the right analytics for true supply chain visibility that helps you manage and optimize your supply chain. Our supply chain control tower capability provides you the necessary insights and recommendations to initiate effective improvement measures. It helps you better predict disruptions, manage exceptions and respond to unplanned events to improve your overall supply chain resilience sustainably.
100% transparency
We create the required transparency to unveil areas of improvement along your end-to-end supply chain. Combining...Show more years of supply chain analytics experience with the latest technologies, we offer tailored dashboards that generate relevant insights.
Independent of BI tools
Leveraging a library of supply chain analytics best practices, we identify the right analytics to support your supply chain ...Show more decision-making. We are independent of BI tools, so our analytics can be deployed using your tool of choice.
Let the data talk
Most analytics dashboards and supply chain control towers require the user to consume the data and draw their...Show more own conclusions. We let the data talk: we derive recommendations from your data based on our leading AI/ML algorithms. Thanks to continuous, intelligent data processing, up-to-date insights and recommendations are constantly available to serve for short, mid, and long-term decisions.

Does it sound familiar?


I collect lots of data, but I lack transparency.


I do not know how to analyze the underlying root causes of my issues.


I don’t have the know-how to interpret the data and take action on these insights.


We use dashboard tools to analyze our data, but we do not track the success of initiated improvement measures.


I collect data but lack access and insights.



Increased transparency in your supply chain
No more guessing: know what measures and actions will create real business impact
Easy to understand dashboards that help you take concrete action
Learn how to identify improvement potentials
See the impact of your supply chain KPIs at a glance
Learn to understand the root causes of issues in your supply chain

How does it work?


With AIOinsights, we generate end-to-end supply chain visibility from your data, identify areas of improvement, and highlight specific observations along your supply chain.

With AIOintelligence, we identify patterns and peculiarities in your supply chain data to derive recommendations and evaluate improvement concepts using advanced AI/ML algorithms.

With AIOimpact, we use identified insights and recommendations to initiate, execute and monitor short- to long-term improvement measures, supported by a library packed with supply chain best practices.

Our management consulting team helps you set up your supply chain analytics and control tower to generate real business value.

How can we support you?

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