Boost your supply chain performance – and win!

Introducing supply chain performance as a service from aioneers. It's the commercial application of supply chain analytics and AI to accelerate top line growth and minimize costs. It will help you win through competitive advantage.

All your data

Collect and combine your data from any source and start generating insights using our AIOplatform. The AIO platform fits lightweight in alongside your existing technology.

Enriched with AI

By combining data from across the entire value chain, we enable you to gain a unified view of your supply chain performance and artificial intelligence-driven recommendations for performance improvement.

Create real impact

Take the right decisions, execute recommendations and measure the impact. Create real benefits from the execution to drive performance improvements.

SC performance on demand

We will run your data through our algorithms and provide you within 7 days a detailed performance overview in our dashboard in combination with selected improvement recommendations in AIOimpact where you have access for 30 days.

What analyses does the inventory bundle offer?


XYZ analysis

The XYZ analysis is a way to classify inventory items according to their demand variation. Category X consist of products with very little demand variation,...Show more while category Z consists of products with high demand variation.

9 Box

The 9 Box provides a quantitative starting point for developing a segmentation strategy and segment-specific planning approaches. By showing KPIs per...Show more segment, weak points are viewed in a differentiated manner, and you can align improvement actions with product characteristics.

Minimum order coverage

The purpose of this analysis is to find Minimum Order Coverage in days for products based on their average demand and categorize them into...Show more average demand and categorize them into different segments such as 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, etc.
More bundles coming soon...

This is how it works!

Contact us
Let us know your needs and we’ll assess whether we can help.
First meeting
Let’s get to know each other to get a better understanding of what you’re trying to achieve.
Upload your data
Our data science team will go over the procedure with you regarding how to safely upload your data.
Run algorithms
We perform the analysis by running your data through our algorithms.
Results within 7 Days
We’ll walk you through the analysis results and recommendations. You will have access to it too.
Delete your data
We will remove your business’ data latest after 30 days.

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