Supply chain planning

Supply Chain Planning is a generic term for processes of planning a product from raw material to the consumer – but obviously, it is not as simple as that. To meet demand in the most efficient and reliable way possible by ensuring highest product availability with efficient use of resources in procurement, production, warehousing, and distribution, a close interaction of different (sub-) planning processes needs to be ensured.
Master operational challenges
Being part of a complex supply chain network means dealing with an increasing variety of operational challenges: volatility in...Show more demand and supply; and increasing complexity. Other examples include recurring bottlenecks in material availability, production and transportation; or increasing dependencies in widely branched supply chain eco-systems.
Define your planning strategy
You need to prepare your supply chain for the delivery of goods based on customer requirements and expectations, ...Show more managing operational challenges. Your planning strategy will determine the level of detail required for your industry and product. Decoupling points separate the two major planning strategies, “Make-to-Forecast” and “Make-to-Order”, representing the transition from “forecast-based” to “order-based” value creation.
Digitalization and the power of data
To remain competitive, the digitalization of a company’s planning processes is key. End-to-end visibility on planning data...Show moreallows for faster and more data-driven decisions. Machine learning-driven planning algorithms use relevant internal and external data to plan demand estimates across the supply chain - from customer needs down the supply chain to raw materials.

Does it sound familiar?


I don’t have a strategy to address my supply chain performance issues nor the expertise to conduct accurate forecasting and time to maintain demand forecasting tools.


I have supply chain planning processes in place, but my supply chain still lacks optimal performance.


I do not have the right tools to support and drive my supply chain planning processes in an efficient way.


I don't have the know-how to interpret all the data that is generated throughout the day and take actions based on these insights.


I have lower service levels than my competition, despite higher overall stock levels.


I constantly see challenges in adapting to new demand situations, leading to a lot of last-minute firefighting activities for the short-term horizon.



Decrease in supply chain costs by improving the overall inventory situation and increasing efficiency & productivity
Improved ability to adjust dynamically to ever-evolving markets, fluctuations in demand & supply as well as industry trends
Efficiency increase in material supply and production due to more reliable and forward-looking plans
Better customer retention by reduction of stock-outs and increased product availability and delivery reliability
Data-driven risk prediction and assessment with shorter time to solution-oriented, mitigating actions
Improved data basis to strengthen collaborations with suppliers and customers for enhanced productivity and lower costs

How does it work?


Our management consulting team helps set up and implement processes and the right organizational environment to best leverage the power of a seamlessly aligned end-to-end planning approach. It also drives the software selection process towards a state-of-the-art supply chain planning system, supporting all elements of a successful supply chain planning transformation based on our north star approach: strategic direction, people & culture, performance management, digitalization & technology, processes & organization.

AIOinsights ensures that companies keep track of their supply chain planning performance and KPIs to meet their overall business goals.

AIOintelligence provides state-of-the-art AI/ML algorithms to drive accurate demand forecasting and multi-echelon inventory optimization. These algorithms are the foundation for our Supply-Chain-as-a-Service offerings.

AIOimpact connects to a wide variety of supply chain planning systems to put concrete measures for the improvement of core Supply Chain KPIs into action.

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