Supply chain sustainability

We know Supply Chains inside and out, and we have been supporting our clients in making them performant for years. What performant means, however, is no longer defined solely by economic outputs. Supply chain sustainability is a performance indicator of increasing importance and vital for reaching the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Our sustainability solution contributes towards the attainment of these goals by utilizing the newest technologies.
To achieve climate neutrality by 2050, greenhouse gas emission levels must be lowered significantly. Establishing...Show more a baseline by measuring your carbon footprint allows you to take action by executing decarbonization efforts. However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to effectively reduce one’s carbon intensity along the end-to-end supply chain.
Circular economy
Beyond the existing product portfolio, our solution lays the foundation for future business models that support the...Show more transition towards a circular economy. The implications of circularity are far-reaching and should be considered at the earliest stages of product design and strategic sourcing decisions, enabling a continuous and cyclical flow of resources throughout the supply chain.
Resource intensity
Lowering resource intensity means using less water, energy, or materials across your supply chain while generating...Show more the same or better-quality outputs. Explore alternative manufacturing methods or substitute input components to kickstart the transition towards using higher performing, less expensive, less risky, or less scarce materials.

Does it sound familiar?


I do not know the Carbon Intensity of the stationary machinery sitting on my shop floor.


I need to identify the type and number of resources required to make my core products.


I don’t know how to measure and reduce my scope 2 emissions?


I don’t know what “becoming more circular” means for my product portfolio?


To optimize my supply chain network, I want to consolidate warehouses: What is the corresponding sustainability (environmental) impact? 



Measure and promote your contribution towards the attainment of UN’s sustainable development goals.
Stay relevant – take the right, fact-based strategic decisions to make your business model circular economy proof.
Reduce your direct procurement cost by optimizing your resource (material) inputs by up to 10%.
Minimize Co2 taxation by smartly decarbonizing your supply chain in high impact areas (Reduction up to 60%).

How does it work?


aioneers’ expertise in closed-loop performance management permeates our sustainability consulting offering. We support you in identifying, synchronizing, and fulfilling business and environmental targets by facilitating strategic, organizational, and processual decision-making. We have embedded our sustainability consulting and technology know-how in our AIOplatform, the perfect tool to manage your supply chain to attain maximum sustainability performance:

AIOinsights provides you pre-configured dashboards and analyses that help you to, e.g., measure your scope 1 emissions generated in combustion processes of stationary machinery on your shop floor.

AIOintelligence is our AI-powered recommendation engine, which balances countless parameters and constraints to e.g., outline scope 1 decarbonization potential while ensuring that economic output requirements are met.

AIOimpact links findings from AIOinsights and AIOintelligence to a set of improvement measures, e.g., provide a step-by-step plan on realizing the carbon footprint reduction potential of your stationary assets. AIOimpact helps you track progress and results against timelines committed to and create clear accountabilities within your supply chain organization.

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