Inside aioneers: Meet Senior Recruiter, Natalie

Nicole Lontzek
September 15, 2022
Company Insider: Natalie, Senior Recruiter

Our Senior Recruiter Natalie orchestrates our recruiting process, and she's a pro when it comes to great corporate culture. We asked her to give us an insight into what it takes to establish a remote-first culture and the benefits of trusting your colleagues.

First and foremost: What was the most memorable application you received and why?

A candidate once sent along a short video of himself explaining his personal interests and hobbies. He actually wore his complete scuba diving gear while walking through his garden in the middle of summer. This clearly showed how passionate he was and that he was willing to step out of his comfort zone. To all future applicants: no pressure though 😉

Natalie, you joined aioneers a couple of months ago as a Senior Recruiter. What sparked your interest?

As a Senior Recruiter with a background in systemic coaching, I very much enjoy being an integral part of building and developing a multi-cultural team. I perceived aioneers to be a growing tech start-up, that offers its employees an open work culture, driven by many professional and personal development opportunities.

There are a lot of debates out there on how to increase productivity, while maintaining work-life balance. A remote working model in place can be a huge factor for peoples´ wellbeing, since commutes and other organizational aspects simply vanish.

How does aioneers ensure great results, while giving people the freedom to work wherever they want?

First and foremost, we believe that work needs to be integrated into each employee’s life in a way that works well for them. Since everyone has different expectations and is at a different stage in life, their concept of work-life-integration may also change over time.

From my point of view, the most important aspect of reaching a productive (remote) working model is the following: communication is key! Every team member needs to always feel safe and welcome to be vocal about their current situation, about processes and structures that work for them or don’t, or about possible solutions and alternatives. Looking at the past years for example, many employees all over the world did not only work from home, but additionally took care of their children as schools or day-cares were closed. When such situations are openly discussed in the workplace, employees feel understood and this creates a more relaxed atmosphere for everyone involved.
aioneers has established different communication channels for this exchange, for example the mentor program. This program ensures regular touchpoints between an employee and their mentor and offers a safe environment to voice any kind of feedback.

A remote working culture is great, hands down, but what else do people need to feel appreciated and deliver excellent results? Or otherwise put, how do you see aioneers’ development so far in the context of the changing world of work?

There is always room for improvement, don’t get me wrong. However, I believe that aioneers is on a pretty good path, given that we’ve grown our team to over 100 employees with more than 20 different nationalities and working on two continents, all in just the past two years. At aioneers, our employees are trusted completely from the very start, and everyone collaborates on eye-to-eye level. Our internal initiatives are driven by many different team members – from social gatherings or sports events to people development. We want our employees to drive change in order to grow and succeed as a company.

Ok. Cool. aioneers is hiring right now. What are you looking for in a candidate to find the perfect culture fit?

aioneers encourages very open and transparent communication between all members of the team – from leadership to working student. We all work by the motto: “Aiming for the best solution”. This is why we are looking for candidates who enjoy looking over the rim of their teacup and will bring fresh impulses to the table that do not have to be associated with their particular role.

Natalie is looking forward to meeting all you future aioneers. If her description of our work culture sounds like it could be perfect for you, apply today!

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