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The AIO Supply Chain Command Center

Supply chain orchestration through closed-loop performance management with the cloud-enabled AIO Supply Chain Command Center (AIO SCCC).

AIO Supply Chain Command Center

Top 6 Challenges Slowing Down Growth and Performance Development of Supply Chains

Supply-side shortages icon

Supply-side shortages​​

Supply-side shortages are responsible for disrupting the supply chain, leading to delays and stock-outs that adversely impact your business.
Inaccurate inventory management icon

Inaccurate inventory management

Excess or inadequate inventory levels from supply chain uncertainties, result in tied up capital, increased variable costs or stock-outs.
Insufficient order fulfilment​​​ icon

Insufficient order fulfilment​​​

Lack of forward-looking transparency on product availability and inability to quickly analyze impacts of short material supply degrade customer service levels.​
Limited supply chain resilience ​​ icon

Limited supply chain resilience ​​

The inability to adjust supply chain processes in response to unforeseen events can result in reduced agility, making it difficult to stay competitive and meet customer demands.​​
No end-to-end visibility icon

No end-to-end visibility & ​no real time data

Decision-making effectiveness is hampered by the unavailability of an end-to-end digital supply chain twin.
Lack of intelligent algorithms and analytics icon

Lack of intelligent algorithms and analytics

High complexity of supply chain settings and manual decision-processes lead to long reaction times and low-quality results​.

Closed-Loop Performance Management with the AIO SCCC

Respond to supply chain challenges, create high-performing supply chains and unlock sustainable growth
Closed-Loop Performance Management with the AIO SCCC

The closed-loop approach forms the cornerstone of the AIO SCCC. It is a powerful concept that optimizes supply chain operations through continuous improvements and data-driven insights. This is achieved through four core modules: Insights Control Tower for end-to-end supply chain visibility, Intelligence Apps for AI-powered decision-making, Impact Execution Management for reliable implementation of improvement initiatives and measures, and Data Foundation for building a digital supply chain twin.

Insights Control Tower​
number 1

Insights Control Tower​

  • Forward-looking and cross-functional transparency of the end-to-end supply chain
  • Continuous supply chain diagnostics, monitoring and surveillance
  • Flexible, configurable dashboards with clear ownership of KPIs​
  • Root-cause analysis and deep-dive into supply chain issues and trends​​
Intelligence Apps Dashboard
number 2

Intelligence Apps​

  • AI and optimization-based algorithms for automated forecasts, stock program and synchronized product portfolio decisions
  • Supply and demand scenario simulation to preview the impact of decisions, external events and supply risks
  • Autonomous findings generation, diagnostics and recommendations to identify improvement areas in the supply chain ​
Impact Execution Management​ Dashboard
number 3

Impact Execution Management​

  • Systematic set-up of supply chain improvement initiatives and measures down to activity level
  • Clear definition of scope and metrics that shall be improved ​
  • Extensive knowledge library that contains best-practices and enables organizational learning ​
Data Foundation Dashboard
number 4

Data Foundation

  • Standard connectors to integrate ERP, MES, CRM and Supply Chain Planning systems with the AIO SCCC
  • End-to-End Supply Chain Data Model capturing all aspects of supply chains, namely supply side, production, logistics, distribution, sales, finance and product management​
  • Real-time data pipelines from execution systems and IoT devices enable a digital supply chain twin, reflecting the current state of the supply chain at all times ​
  • Automated workflows connect the modules of the AIO SCCC with external systems, providing autonomous decision-making and execution capabilities

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