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Current supply chains have been built to address cost, cash, and service level, also known as the supply chain triangle. However, the current performance has been redefined as the next generation of supply chains aspire to be carbon neutral, circular and resilient. All supply chains need to close the gap between current performance and future aspiration, which what we call, the supply chain performance gap.
Closing the supply chain performance gap will release up to $50 million EBIT per $1 billion of sales while being more sustainable, resilient, and compliant. ​Let’s have a first look at the eight root causes for the supply chain performance gap.​
Product portfolio complexity
Speed of innovation
New types of competition
Multi-channel sales complexity
Complexity of supplier network
Regulatory complexity
Sustainability requirements
Internal complexity

Digital closed-loop performance management is the answer

How can you move from the insights and decision-support information to implementation? A seamless connection to digital execution is needed to close the loop. Intelligent execution makes all the difference. It starts with tedious and straightforward workflows to get things done. ML-based learning enables further automation and better steering towards the expected outcome.
Closed Loop Diagram EN Mobile
What is going on in my supply chain?
Get insights into the supply chain and understand the root causes for low supply chain performance.
Decision Support
How to improve my supply chain?
Generate actionable recommendations and identify measures to improve the supply chain.
Digital Execution
How do I ensure execution?
Build a digital model of the improvement measures, steer execution of activities and track results.

Our experience by sector

Life science
Life science

Ensuring product availability is a key value driver for life science supply chains. Comprehensive response capabilities are key to balance out uncertainties in supply.


Space is shifting more and more from governmental to commercial business. Competitiveness in supply chains is becoming the game changer in this industry.


High-performing materials require high-performing supply chains and the new big deal is going to be circularity. No one wants to see oceans polluted with (micro)plastic waste.

Metals & mining

Metals & mining

Energy consumption, supply issues, demand volatility and uncertainty require a much more sophisticated approach. How does the new sustainable supply chain look like?

Industrial products & machinery

Industrial products & machinery

Being super customer specific and efficient at the same time is key for competitiveness. Modular product design is key for this eliminates complexity throughout the supply chain.

Energy & utilities

Energy & utilities

Digitalization, e-mobility and sustainability drive the demand for renewable, green energy. Micro-grid concepts revamp energy production and correspondingly product design and supply chains.



Shifting from combustion technology to sustainable e-mobility and H2 will redefine the entire value chain. Holistic mobility concepts and autonomous driving disrupt supply chain and logistics.


High tech & electronics

IoT, ML, cloud technologies and digital applications are boosting all industries. High Tech and Electronics build the backbone for dramatic growth. Is your supply chain ready to fulfil extreme requirements, short innovation cycles in a highly competitive market?


Consumer goods

Consumer Goods industry will face structural shifts from both the demand and supply side that are likely to be more disruptive than any they have seen in the past. Is your supply chain able to adapt and capable to manage this change?


What our customers say about us

Combining Supply Chain Management expertise and the ability to translate large amounts of customer data into relevant information quickly, aioneers enabled us to develop the future...Show more process for S&OP and the future Supply Chain Segmentation in only three months. The great commitment and the consideration of the processes along our entire supply chain ensured a really well-rounded and goal-oriented project implementation!
Dr. Frank Waimer
Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Willmar Schwabe
End-to-end digitalization across the entire value chain is essential for MT Aerospace as a project-driven company to become lean, digital and agile. aioneers helped us to redefine...Show more and digitalize our processes, connect information across all departments and steer our business fact-based as a data-driven enterprise. Our digital business transformation ensures efficiency increase in engineering and production, accelerated time-to-market and competitiveness for the future.
Christian Schumacher 
Head of Digital Transformation, MT Aerospace
Accurate forecasting is crucial for us to fulfil our quality and delivery promises to our customers. Optimized processes, leveraging the capabilities of AI and M/L algorithms, are also key...Show more to achieveing our targets. aioneers, S&OP expert Consultants, helped us to define a best-practice end-to-end demand planning process framework to substantially improve our results whilst increasing planning efficiency and cross-functional collaboration. In addition to this aioneers provide Fujitsu with Forecasting-as-a-Service, delivered by experienced data scientists, that is able to improve our forecast accuracy in turn significantly impacting revenues & inventory liabilities in a positive way.
fujitsu logo
Uwe Romppel
Head of Product Supply EMEIA, Fujitsu

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