S&OP Webinar
Digitalization of sales and operations planning
Two-thirds of businesses are not successful in generating real benefits from S&OP. In this webinar, we discuss:

What are the critical success factors for S&OP implementation?
How can companies achieve their S&OP targets?
What is the difference between S&OP/ S&OE and the execution of these?
And most importantly, how can we unlock the real value of S&OP?

Thought leaders and industry experts from aioneers with in-depth knowledge in supply chain management and supply chain planning will answer these questions in a 1-hour webinar. They will demonstrate how companies can drive successful S&OP execution through closed-loop supply chain performance management.
Working capital webinar
How to tackle your working capital
There are numerous factors influencing working capital and, as a result, require a holistic working capital management. In the last year, we have seen how important liquidity is: as the COVID-19 crisis hit, a threat to the survival of many companies surfaced within the first few weeks. This shows the importance of working capital management as an existential element to the financial health of your business.

In this webinar, we will show you how to tackle your Working Capital. We will discuss the key levers of Accounts Payable, Inventory and Accounts Receivable, and present you a hands-on example on inventory reduction.
Where to start closing your supply chain performance gap?
Join Dr. Christoph Kilger and Dr. Boris Reuter as they discuss the supply chain performance gap, and where you can start closing it. Most businesses collect large amounts of data, yet supply chain analytics doesn't always translate into concrete measures. How can you start digital execution management that leads to real results?
Execution Management: Why does it matter?
What is execution management, and why is it vital for good supply chain performance today? Dr. Andreas Müller and Dr. Boris Reuter discuss why strategies fail, and how to execute measures and get real results.
The green manufacturing revolution
Our very own aioneer, Georg Hantschke, participated as a speaker at the Keynotion Summit on October 2021, where he gave a talk regarding Green Manufacturing.
How to design dashboards
Our dashboarding expert, aioneer Manuel Schoner, shows you how to design great dashboards. By designing dashboards specific to the user persona, you can select the correct charts to create an impact.
Watch our aioneer Maryam explain how to use read_and_write, new on AIO on GitHub. AIO on GitHub is an open-source project to provide our supply chain science community with forward-thinking supply chain data science tools to address every supply chains core goal: performance, resilience, and sustainability.
In this video, aioneer Sebastian shows you how to use our new vault_get_secret function, which we've uploaded on our GitHub!
XYZ Analysis
In this video, aioneer Titus will show you how to do an XYZ analysis using the tools from our AIO GitHub.

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