Intelligent Order Fulfilment

Today's fiercely competitive market and rising customer expectations for lightning-fast services demand seamless order fulfilment processes. Ensure high product availability and reliable deliveries with the AIO Supply Chain Command Center (AIO SCCC).
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Why Order Fulfilment Is a Constant Challenge in the Modern Business Landscape

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Supply chain uncertainties

The unpredictable nature of supply chains makes material and resource allocation for order fulfilment challenging. Outside influences, supplier issues and rapidly changing customer requirements create fluctuations that affect finished good product availability, leading to delays and backorders.
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Absence of end-to-end planning BOMs

Disconnected local BOMs across multiple plants and contract manufacturers impair transparency over complete product structures and hinders end-to-end supply chain optimization, leading to excess buffer stock and longer lead times, affecting efficient order fulfilment adversely.

Constrained capacities

Limited production and manufacturing capacities, lack of skilled labor or logistics resources limit the business's ability to scale operations or quickly adapt to changing market demands.
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Complex product structures & portfolios

The more intricate the product structures and the greater the variety of products, the more demanding it is to ensure efficient production, effective inventory control, and seamless coordination among suppliers and manufacturing processes.

Ensure Smart Execution of Every Order with the AIO SCCC

The AIO SCCC empowers you to intelligently fulfil orders by adapting to fluctuating customer demands, navigating supply-side uncertainties and inbound material shortages with confidence.
Achieve supply chain transparency & proactive problem solving

Achieve supply chain transparency & proactive problem solving

Gain immediate visibility into supply chain KPIs while proactively monitoring your end-to-end supply chain. Analyse and identify potential sources of customer order delays before they affect your operations.

Master end-to-end product structures & probabilistic planning BOM

Master end-to-end product structures & probabilistic planning BOM

Calculate probabilistic planning BOMs using historic orders and configuration options to synchronize your supply chain. Connect disjointed BOMs across plants and suppliers and simulate demand or supply propagation for improved end-to-end planning.

Identify & steer the execution of improvements

Identify & steer the execution of improvements

Gain autonomous recommendations for continuous supply chain performance improvements to optimize inbound supply, inventory levels, production schedules, logistics, customer service levels and resource allocation, improving top and bottom-line results.

Seamlessly integrate supplier data

Seamlessly integrate supplier data

Combine data from multiple sources to comprehensively view supplier performance. Experience improved collaboration and enhanced efficiency across the supply chain for effective order fulfilment.

Why Businesses Trust aioneers for Order Fulfilment

number 1
Forward-looking supply chain transparency, from customer orders to tier-x supplier deliveries
number 2
Faster root-cause identification for supply shortages or order delays
number 3
Optimized inventory levels across material types, product portfolio and network echelons
number 4
Increased supply chain reliability and flexibility

A European Technology Leader in the Semiconductor Industry Improved Its Supply Chain Reliability with the AIO SCCC

Founded in 1983, a top European provider of deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry recognized the need to improve its supply chain flexibility and reliability to ensure efficient order fulfilment. Joining forces with aioneers, enabled the company to better adapt to the fluctuating market demand and ensure customer satisfaction with the AIO SCCC.


  • Complex and rapidly evolving nature of the semiconductor industry
  • Heightened risk of delays and potential revenue loss in the supply chain
  • Amplified sourcing and supply issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Increasing customer demands and new product launches adding to the complexity
  • Semi-automated processes and functional silos leading to supply chain inefficiencies


  • Automated data pipeline for near-real-time visibility of daily operations
  • Actionable insights for root-cause analysis and breaking down organizational silos
  • Replacement of multiple semi-automated systems with a single source of truth
  • Actionable recommendations for effective implementation of corrective measures
  • Data integration from multiple systems for a clear overview of the supplier performance
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35.2% high-risk material reduction within a year of implementation
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Improved visibility into materials, projects & shipments
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Reduction of manual & semi-automated processes
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Early detection & root cause analysis for late deliveries
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