aioneers’ Supply Chain Consulting Team Joins EFESO Management Consulting

aioneers’ Supply Chain Consulting Team Joins EFESO Management Consulting

aioneers GmbH, a leading expert in AI-powered supply chain analytics and decision intelligence software and EFESO Management Consulting, an international pure player in operations strategy and performance improvement announce, that the aioneers’ supply chain consulting team will join EFESO by a carve-out. The transaction will provide both the consulting team, which previously belonged to aioneers, and the software business, which will remain within the company, with the best possible framework and conditions for sustainable growth.

aioneers consisted of two business units. The consulting team is now part of EFESO and will serve its clients under the brand AIONEERS-EFESO. The aioneers technology team will focus on expanding its software business, especially on the development of AIO, its leading AI-powered supply chain analytics and decision intelligence platform. The cooperation between the EFESO group and the aioneers technology team, which has been fostered through several projects, will continue and intensify.  

"The successful carve-out opens up new, promising paths for both parts of our company. The consulting team will be able to benefit from synergies, knowledge, and the global presence of EFESO, while the technology business unit of aioneers can focus on the development of software solutions that improve the intelligence and efficiency of supply chain management for customers worldwide”, comments Dr. Christoph Kilger, CEO Revenue & Solutions at aioneers.

The role of technology is changing in the strategic design, planning and operational management of global supply chains. Customers increasingly expect smart, AI-powered technology to deliver maximum value and ROI in supply chain management. To achieve this, it’s key to combine expertise in technology and in operations. The joint EFESO and AIONEERS-EFESO team will amplify its footprint in this area. 

“With offices in Mannheim (Germany) and Pune (India), AIONEERS-EFESO will accelerate our growth globally by bringing in robust capabilities and a proven track record in supply chain planning and transformation”, says Bruno Machiels, co-CEO at EFESO.  “In addition to cutting-edge methodological skills in supply chain planning, the team has in-depth experience in leveraging key, future-ready platforms in supply chain planning to drive an overall business transformation”, he adds. 

AIONEERS-EFESO team brings significant experience in supply chain planning and S&OP projects. This starts from supply chain strategy definition to global target picture design, advanced planning system selection as well as transformations of planning processes, organization and state-of-the-art planning system implementation. This is supported by strong digitalization project delivery skills, powered-up by AI solutions, and holistic business transformation and change management. 

“Looking ahead, together we will enhance our role as a value-adding partner for our customers, serving as a bridge between their business requirements and state-of-the-art technology solutions. This will enable us to generate substantial value and competitive advantages for our customers in their supply chain performance”, states Luca Lecchi, co-CEO at EFESO. 

Both, aioneers Technologies and EFESO Management Consultants are committed to ensuring a seamless transition for clients and maintaining the highest level of service excellence throughout the integration process.   

About aioneers Technologies GmbH

aioneers Technologies provides AIO, the leading supply chain analytics and decision intelligence platform. AIO is pioneering the application of AI in supply chains, providing data driven analytics and decision support, digital execution management of supply chain improvements, and automated learning from results. This closed loop workflow is enabled by the AIO SCCC and the AIO Copilot. Advanced data integration and management is provided through the AIO Data Foundation. Global players in all industrial sectors rely on AIO.  

About EFESO Management Consultants

EFESO is a leading international pure player consulting group in industrial operations strategy and performance improvement. We work side-by-side with our clients to accelerate their transformation towards future-proof operations. Each year, we deliver over 1,000 projects for clients across our 35 offices around the world, helping them achieve outstanding business outcomes, and sustainable change. Together with our clients, we aim at contributing to a better and more sustainable world.  

At EFESO we work at all levels of the organization, from boardroom to shopfloor, to build momentum and ownership within customer companies. We support them in designing their operations strategy and execution, passing through improving and enhancing their day-to-day business performance and operations to drive end-to-end value chain performance.  We deliver faster, tangible and more sustainable results while concurrently building our clients capabilities that bring competitive advantage.  


The former aioneers consulting team, now AIONEERS-EFESO, helps businesses to optimize their supply chain and achieve best-in-class standards. Our rapid response to supply chain disruptions and volatility empowers organizations to deliver immediate and tangible results. Our team of experts is at the forefront of transforming business supply chains through comprehensive process transformation, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and managing change. We facilitate swift implementation of top-tier supply chain planning systems, thereby transforming the way businesses operate their supply chains. 

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