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PRESS: The AIO Supply Chain Command Center at the DLK

On October 19th, aioneers will be presenting the AIO Supply Chain Command Center (AIO SCCC) to the German Logistics Congress for the first time. This is a major event for the company, providing the chance to exhibit the full extent of three years’ work.

As the leading provider of closed-loop supply chain performance management and digital execution software, aioneers will this year be represented for the first time at the German Logistics Congress. With them comes the AIO Supply Chain Command Center: the complete solution for next generation supply chains.

A brief introduction to the AIO SCCC

The AIO Supply Chain Command Center responds to today’s challenges by offering a unique combination of supply chain analytics, scenario simulation, and smart recommendation components all linked intelligently to execution capabilities.

With AIOinsights as the first building block, the solution offers forward-looking transparency and cross-functional problem solving. Personalizable dashboards can be tailored to the needs of all supply chain functions: procurement, production, logistics, sales, planning, finance. The second part of the software is AIOintelligence, providing intelligent algorithms like machine-learning based forecasting, multi-echelon inventory optimization and scenario simulations. AI-powered diagnostics algorithms automatically identify weak points in the supply chain and generate recommendations for improvement measures.

The third module of the AIO Supply Chain Command Center is AIOimpact, enabling digitally supported execution management. AIOimpact tracks measures taken for various optimization processes down to the level of individual objects – materials, suppliers, production lines, activities, and metrics. The software solution tracks progress and results of the execution of measures and initiatives. An active learning component maintains knowledge about the effectiveness of improvement initiatives, building an organization-wide knowledge repository of best practices.

The AIO Supply Chain Command Center is built on top of the AIOdataverse, providing connectors to source and execution systems, a cloud-based data foundation, workflow engine, and automation technology.

Co-Founder and Managing Director of aioneers, Christoph Kilger:

"Seamless supply chains are more important today than ever before. Every day we take a look at world events and experience disruptive events that expose our entire global supply to major risks. That's why we have developed technology to act fast and make supply chains resilient and sustainable. We are excited to present our AIO Supply Chain Command Center to a broad audience for the first time at the German Logistics Congress."

‍About aioneers:

The global software provider based in Mannheim, Germany, specializes in supply chain optimization and automation. aioneers takes a holistic view of supply chains and offers advanced optimization to break supply chain silos and enable seamless, cost-efficient, data-driven supply chain management. With aioneers all-in-one solution for data analysis, process optimization, and digital execution, supply chain is rethought. Global corporations like Fujitsu, Miele, Daimler Truck and voestalpine work with aioneers to reshape their supply chain processes and systems.

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