End to End Supply Chain Visibility

End-to-end supply chain visibility enables demand communication between suppliers, constraint identification and supply improvement. Gain unparalleled visibility into your entire supply chain and assess situations from diverse perspectives. Identify inefficiencies, respond swiftly and overcome challenges collaboratively with the AIO Supply Chain Command Center (AIO SCCC).
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Why End-to-End Supply Chain Transparency Is Riddled with Challenges

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Exposure to volatilities & risks

Supply chains encounter countless vulnerabilities from unexpected disruptions to changing market dynamics. The lack of end-to-end supply chain visibility limits the ability to assess risks effectively and develop robust contingency plans.
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Inability to trace problems at their origin

The inability to trace the root cause of supply chain disruptions prolongs inefficiencies and impedes pro-active problem solving.
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Use of outdated & fragmented IT systems

The use of fragmented legacy systems leads to poor data integration and results in degraded supply chain visibility and information siloes.
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Lack of cross-functional collaboration

Limited visibility hinders the sharing of accurate and real-time information among the stakeholders involved in the process. This communication gap leads to delays, errors, and a lack of synchronization in the supply chain operations.

Gain Seamless Transparency Across Your Supply Chain with the AIO SCCC

The AIO SCCC delivers forward-looking and cross-functional transparency using near-real-time data to help you identify improvement areas in the supply chain and make fast and effective business decisions.
Gain end-to-end visibility with digital supply chain twin

Gain end-to-end visibility with digital supply chain twin

Move past manual processes and fragmented systems for data collection & analysis. The AIO SCCC seamlessly integrates with multiple ERP systems & data sources. Gain a comprehensive overview of your entire supply chain, from customer demand to tier-x suppliers & unlock real-time insights for effective supply chain monitoring

Enhance visibility & collaboration across functional areas

Enhance visibility & collaboration across functional areas

Seamlessly connect functional areas, empowering multiple stakeholders to collaborate effectively, driving synergy and informed decision-making. Break down silos, gain real-time insights, and achieve a comprehensive view of your supply chain

Identify root causes of the supply chain performance gap

Identify root causes of the supply chain performance gap

Experience the power of rule-based findings generation, AI-based driver analytics and powerful recommendations engine. Obtain proactive alerts about supply chain events and identify potential root causes. Effortlessly navigate your supply chain through workflows that showcase findings, root causes and recommendations with the AIO SCCC Co-pilot

Simulate demand and supply scenarios

Simulate demand and supply scenarios

Set up and simulate multiple scenarios directly in the Insights Control Tower of the AIO SCCC, incorporating business intelligence, optimization technology and risk factors. Make informed decisions that drive efficiency and mitigate risks by enabling enhanced control and strategic planning

Why Businesses Trust aioneers for End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

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Near-real-time visibility for improved decision-making
number 2
Reduced resolution time to detect & solve issues
number 3
Proactive anticipation of needs from market changes
number 4
Identification & mastery of unidentified supply chain vulnerabilities

One of the World’s Largest Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers Enhanced Its Supply Chain Visibility with the AIO SCCC 

Renowned for over 120 years, the global commercial vehicle manufacturer has a presence in over 40 countries and is known for its market leading products. Due to its multiple plants and diverse processes, the company was facing challenges with its supply chain transparency. With the implementation of the AIO SCCC the company achieved end-to-end supply chain visibility resulting in improved forecast accuracy, inventory optimization, customer satisfaction, and cost reduction. 


  • Multiple plants, fragmented processes and non-integrated IT systems 
  • Non-standardized dashboards with isolated reports 
  • Lack of cross-functional collaboration and visibility 
  • Delayed identification of critical situations leading to reactive steering  
  • Cost intensive measures to secure product availability 


  • Single source of truth connecting multiple plants & ERP systems 
  • Greater cross-plant & cross-functional collaboration through standardized reporting 
  • Forward-looking transparency enabled by machine learning 
  • Availability prediction by analyzing demand, inventories and supplies 
  • Proactive steering to secure availability while reducing cost 
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Comprehensive Supply Chain Transparency 
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Data-Driven Forecasting
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Seamless Collaboration & Cross-Functional Visibility
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Issue Identification & Cost Reduction 
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